hi hiii my name is răzvan but u can call me prim or romeo too. I'm just a funny internet girl posting my funny internet stuff. my friends think I'm chill and funny :) I guess I'm blunt and sometime sensitive but I always try to be nice! idk feel free to talk to me

I'm a TiNe INTP 9w8 (or maybe 5w6 i don't know) RLUEI MelPhleg Lawful Evil leo ☉ libra ☾ sagittarius ↑ born on August 17

LINKS tellonym ask for priv twt, discord and taglist

my main interests atm are little witch academia, neon genesis evangelion, the walten files, panty and stocking, keep your hands off eizouken and deltarune, feel free to talk to me abt them!

also I like seals, cute animals in general, horror, ARGs, cartoons, art, 2000s-2010s internet culture, science and romanian mythology!

if you also like any of these then yoooo we can be friends :D

click HERE for my favorite ships + kins and HERE for my stamp collection!

BYF I liek problematic content, frequent rts, priv sometimes (frq ok), blockchain use, nsfw jokes, don't copy me in any way it makes me really uncomfortable, don't take what I say too seriously

DNI antis, dudebros, exclus, jojo + genshin fans, 18+ accounts, no interests in common (ok if I follow first)